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Find High Quality Frozen Berries Wholesale: Jooever Foods

Jooever Foods, a renowned local frozen food distributor in China, have been engaged in wholesale frozen vegetables and fruits, including frozen berries wholesale. Their commitment to excellence and extensive experience in wholesale distribution have positioned them as a trusted frozen berries manufacturer. This article focuses on Jooever Foods’ expertise as a frozen berries manufacturer, with a particular emphasis on their IQF Frozen Blueberry, a classic product loved by consumers around the world.

IQF Frozen Blueberry: A Classic Product from Jooever Foods

Jooever Foods’ IQF Frozen Blueberry is a beloved product that epitomizes their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Made from 100% blueberries, this frozen delight captures the natural essence and flavor of the fruit. The blueberries used in their production are sourced from China, a region known for its fertile lands and ideal growing conditions. Jooever Foods carefully selects premium varieties, including Northland and Bluecrop, to ensure exceptional taste and quality.

Variety and Specifications

Jooever Foods offers a range of specifications for their IQF Frozen Blueberries, catering to diverse customer preferences. The blueberries are available in various diameters, including 6-9mm, 8-12mm, 12-16mm, and diameters greater than 16mm.  This versatility allows customers to choose the ideal size for their specific culinary needs, whether it’s for baking, smoothies, sauces, or other applications.

Stringent Quality Standards and Storage Information

Jooever Foods prioritizes the quality and safety of their frozen blueberries. Their products adhere to strict quality control measures, complying with food legislation and industry standards. Microbiological tests are conducted to ensure that the frozen blueberries meet the highest hygiene standards. The product is subjected to rigorous testing for total plate count, coliforms, E. coli, yeast, molds, as well as the absence of Listeria and Salmonella. These quality control procedures guarantee the safety and freshness of Jooever Foods’s IQF Frozen Blueberries.


As a frozen berries manufacturer in China, Jooever Foods has built a solid reputation in frozen berries wholesale. Offering clients all around the world outstanding taste, quality, and convenience, they are known for their iconic IQF Frozen Blueberry product. Jooever Foods makes sure that its frozen blueberries satisfy the various demands of both customers and companies by sourcing premium blueberries, providing customizable specifications, flexible packaging options, and upholding strict quality standards.

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