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Hanshow LuminaLCD ESL: Revolutionizing Retail with Dynamic Electronic Price Tags

Hanshow LuminaLCD ESL stands out as a truly innovative electronic shelf label (ESL) solution, with its vibrant LCD screen that instantly transforms retail environments. Unlike traditional ESLs that utilize ePaper displays powered by batteries, the e-price tag Lumina is electric-powered, offering a dynamic and visually stunning content display.

The Lumina series revolutionizes the way retailers convey information by combining marketing content, product details, and pricing on a single screen. This unique feature allows for engaging and eye-catching displays that captivate customers’ attention. With endless possibilities for customization, retailers can showcase promotions, highlight product features, and even provide additional information to enhance the shopping experience.

Unparalleled Functionality and Enhanced Aesthetics

Hanshow e-price tag LuminaLCD ESL sets a new standard for efficient and accurate labeling solutions, surpassing traditional paper labels. With its one-sided LCD screen, Lumina offers a visually stunning display that transforms the aesthetics of retail spaces. Whether they are hanging, standing, or side-installed, Lumina’s versatile design options cater to a wide range of display preferences.

Beyond its captivating visuals, Lumina delivers practical benefits that drive revenue and reduce costs. By eliminating the need for paper and disposable plastic price tags, retailers can save both costs and valuable resources over the product’s lifespan. Additionally, Lumina reduces Point of Sale Marketing (POSM) costs by providing an all-in-one solution for pricing and promotional displays.


Hanshow e-price tag LuminaLCD ESL is revolutionizing the retail industry with its dynamic and visually stunning electronic price tags. By leveraging LCD technology, Lumina offers endless possibilities for captivating displays and engaging customer experiences. With its unparalleled functionality, compatibility, and cost-saving benefits, Lumina is transforming retail spaces into modern, colorful, and informative settings. As one of the global leaders in digital retail solutions, Hanshow continues to drive innovation and elevate the retail experience for over 30,000 stores in 50 countries. Retailers who embrace LuminaLCD ESL can enhance customer engagement, increase revenue, and stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving retail landscape.

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