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High precision Tianlong Nucleic Acid Extractors

In the realm of molecular diagnostics and genetic testing, Tianlong stands tall as a pioneer, with its cutting-edge products and solutions. One of the stars in their constellation of offerings is the nucleic acid extractor. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Tianlong’s nucleic acid extractors, exploring their significance, features, and impact on the field.

Nucleic Acid Extractor: A Key Component

At the core of modern genetic testing and diagnostics lies the need for accurate and efficient nucleic acid extraction. Tianlong recognizes this fundamental requirement and has developed a range of state-of-the-art nucleic acid extractors that are setting industry standards.

Streamlined Workflow with Tianlong Extractors

Tianlong’s nucleic acid extractors are engineered with precision to streamline laboratory workflows. These extractors offer a closed system that minimizes the risk of contamination, ensuring the purity of extracted nucleic acids. The 12.1-inch intuitive touchscreen interface simplifies operation, eliminating the need for extensive training. With Tianlong extractors, processing up to 8 samples simultaneously is a breeze, delivering dependable results every time.

Diverse Applications with Tianlong Reagents

Pairing perfectly with their extractors are Tianlong’s versatile reagents. From viral transportation mediums to kits tailored for specific infections, such as respiratory infections, sexually transmitted infections, and viral hepatitis, Tianlong’s reagents complement their extractors seamlessly. These reagents are designed to work in harmony with Tianlong’s equipment, ensuring optimal performance.

Tinlong: Leading the Molecular Diagnostics Industry

As a prominent player in the molecular diagnostics industry, Tianlong’s commitment to excellence shines through. With over 70 NMPA approvals and more than 120 international certifications, their products have been trusted in over 100 countries and regions worldwide. During critical events like the COVID-19 pandemic, Tianlong’s solutions have played a pivotal role in disease prevention and control, showcasing their dedication to global health.


In conclusion, Tianlong’s nucleic acid extractors and accompanying reagents are indispensable tools in the field of genetic testing and molecular diagnostics. They offer precision, efficiency, and reliability, making them the go-to choice for laboratories around the world. With a commitment to excellence and a track record of success, Tianlong is undoubtedly a leader in the global molecular diagnostics arena.


In conclusion, Tianlong’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of innovation. Through their groundbreaking nucleic acid extractors, they have elevated the standards of molecular diagnostics, making precision, reliability, and impact their guiding principles. As they continue to pioneer advancements in genetic testing, Tianlong remains a beacon of hope, reshaping the landscape of molecular diagnostics for generations to come.

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