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Ikinor – Empowering Interactive Learning as Your Interactive Whiteboard Supplier

Redefining Interactive Learning with Ikinor

Ikinor emerges as a pioneering interactive whiteboard supplier, providing cutting-edge technology to empower interactive learning and collaboration. With expertise in production and development, Ikinor’s interactive whiteboard displays leverage advanced touch screen technologies, such as Infrared touch technology and capacitive P-cap touch technology.

Ikinor - Empowering Interactive Learning as Your Interactive Whiteboard Supplier

Transforming Classrooms with Interactive Whiteboard Displays

Ikinor is committed to revolutionizing classrooms with its interactive whiteboard displays. Offering a diverse selection of all-in-one interactive smart boards, ranging from 65 inches to 110 inches, their product lineup includes interactive flat panel displays, smart blackboards, and interactive whiteboards, transforming traditional learning experiences.

The Strength of Teamwork: Quality and Dedication

At Ikinor, teamwork is the foundation of their success. With a skilled team of professionals, including proficient engineers, experienced workers, and a dedicated sales team, it ensures that every product meets the highest standards of quality and performance, going the extra mile to satisfy their customers’ needs.

The Commitment to Excellence in Interactive Whiteboard Production

The professional R&D team of Ikinor is at the forefront of innovation, pushing the boundaries of interactive whiteboard technology. Combining practicality and aesthetics, its team develops interactive whiteboard displays that inspire creativity and foster collaborative learning. Ikinor’s patent LED display control system is a testament to their commitment to pioneering technology.

Empowering Educators with Certified Interactive Solutions

Ikinor’s interactive whiteboard displays are designed to meet stringent industry standards. Their interactive touch screens have passed CCC, FCC, CE, EMC, and ROHS certifications, ensuring that they are safe, reliable, and compliant with regulations. Ikinor’s interactive whiteboard solutions are tailored to empower collaboration in educational environments.

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