New88 Unique Entertainment Form of Hockey Betting 2024

Hockey betting is known to be one of the most popular subjects today. With its appeal and uniqueness, the game has attracted many participants, creating a very interesting experience. Together Link vào New88 Come to the following article to better understand this type of bet!

Learn a little about what hockey betting is?

At the bookmaker, this is a form where players will deposit money and predict which team will win through the provided odds. With a hockey match, it is divided into 3 rounds, each lasting up to 20 minutes. After the end of 3 rounds of play, if the winner or loser is still not clearly determined, there may be extra time or a penalty shootout to decide the final result.

The betting portal will have a team of experts to analyze and give odds depending on the team as well as the type of bet. You will rely on the information provided along with your predictions to choose the appropriate bet type.

In case of winning the bet, the member will receive an amount corresponding to the initially selected ratio. On the contrary, if you lose, you will lose all the money you previously bet.

Summary of regulations in the hockey betting category

To help the playing process go more smoothly, players must firmly grasp the rules. The following are the principles related to hockey:

Conditions to activate bets

Bets will only be activated when all matches take place according to the originally planned schedule (local time). But, in exceptional situations when the bookmaker makes an announcement different from the match start time, bets are still considered valid.

Stadium, home team

Bets are considered valid when the field of play changes, but on the home team’s side remains the same. This means, when the field changes in the same country, but it still belongs to the home team’s field, hockey betting is still calculated as normal. But, when the home team and the away team are swapped, the bet will be invalid.

Result of the round

This form is only counted when the round officially ends and the final result is announced. In the opposite situation, the bet will be returned to the player.

Official match time

The match must last at least 55 minutes before bets are considered valid. In case the match is abandoned before 55 minutes, money hockey betting will be refunded to the player, unless otherwise stated.

Does not count extra time/shootouts

Some markets do not count extra time (also known as shootouts) for settlement purposes, specifically including popular bet types such as Asian Puck Line, no-bet draw, race to score and which team will score next ,…

Check out some forms of hockey betting

The types of hockey bets available at New88 bring diversity and excitement to members. Here are some popular genres today:
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  • Over/under odds: Here, players will bet money based on the total number of goals scored in a match. If the total is greater or less than the level given by the playing field, the player wins or loses depending on the initial over/under choice.
  • Betting on the winning team: The player puts money on the team that he predicts will win the current match. Usually there are two options: home team or away team.
  • Team goal odds: With this form of hockey betting, players bet on the number of goals a specific team will score in the match. You can deposit money at a specific winning level, or simply above/below a certain level.
  • Goal scorer bet: Bet on the player to predict who will score the first, last or next goal in the match. This is a highly personal type of bet, loved by many fans.

Hockey betting experience always wins

To be able to win when betting in this sport, bettors need to know the following experiences:

  • Before betting, clearly understand the rules of the game along with the terms of the playground you participate in.
  • To get an overview and make an accurate assessment when betting on hockey, regularly follow the matches, especially to learn about the tactics and formations of the playing teams.
  • Based on important data combined with betting portal analysis, analyze carefully to find the closing pattern and apply appropriate strategies.


Above are shares about the most attractive form of hockey betting today. Hopefully the useful information and strategies we just shared will make you more confident when participating and enjoying special experiences from this game. Wishing you good luck and make the right choice, bringing the best results.

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