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Revolutionary Efficiency Unveiled: Gentier Mini+ 4 Channels Portable Real Time PCR System

Tianlong, a distinguished pioneer in PCR solutions, proudly presents the Gentier Mini+ 4 Channels Portable Real Time PCR System—a stellar embodiment of innovation and convenience. Within their remarkable array of PCR solutions, the Gentier Mini+ emerges as a compelling manifestation of Tianlong’s resolute dedication to reshaping the realm of molecular diagnostics.

Unparalleled Convenience

The Gentier Mini+ is tailored for mobile and small laboratories, reimagining the boundaries of efficiency. In a compact and lightweight design, it defies space limitations and fragmented sample challenges. This transformative system elevates experiments, making them not only more precise but also remarkably efficient, saving valuable bench space and offering unmatched portability.

Accelerated Scanning and Analysis

With its dual fluorescence channels, the Gentier Mini+ redefines scanning speed. Within a mere second, it completes the fluorescence scanning of all 16 wells, greatly enhancing the efficiency for laboratory professionals. But the speed doesn’t compromise accuracy. Its powerful software analysis capabilities encompass qualitative and quantitative analyses, SNP analysis, and more, empowering researchers with valuable insights.

Adaptable Control Modes

The Gentier Mini+ offers diverse control modes to suit your workflow seamlessly. Whether it’s standalone control with the intuitive 7-inch touch-screen, computer software control, or remote operation via tablet, the system adapts to your preferences, ensuring a user-friendly experience tailored to your needs.

Endless Connectivity

Always online, the Gentier Mini+ ensures connectivity through WiFi, USB, and internet interfaces. This connectivity not only facilitates uninterrupted workflow but also opens doors to collaborative possibilities, allowing researchers to connect and share insights effortlessly.

Endorsement by Applications

Widely applicable in fields ranging from animal disease and infectious disease prevention and control to food safety and scientific research, the Gentier Mini+ proves its versatility as a steadfast companion for animals and researchers alike.

In the realm of PCR solutions, Tianlong’s Gentier Mini+ 4 Channels Portable Real Time PCR System stands as a beacon of innovation and convenience—ushering in a new era of efficiency in molecular diagnostics.

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