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The Advantages of Aluminium Concrete Formwork by GETO Global Construction

Aluminium concrete formwork offers numerous advantages for construction projects. GETO Global Construction, a leading provider of innovative building solutions, has developed an exceptional aluminium formwork system that delivers significant benefits to contractors and developers.

Benefits of Aluminium Formwork Technology

One of the primary advantages of aluminium formwork is the reduction in labor costs and shorter project cycles. The use of this advanced technology streamlines the construction process, allowing for faster completion times and increased efficiency. Contractors can save valuable time and resources, ultimately leading to improved project profitability.

Aluminium formwork also boasts high tensile strength and durability. GETO Global Construction’s expertise in aluminium alloy manufacturing ensures that their formwork is robust and able to withstand the demands of concrete pouring. The system is designed for repeated use, making it highly cost-effective compared to traditional formwork systems. With proper care and maintenance, the aluminium formwork can be reused hundreds of times, delivering long-term value to contractors.

Furthermore, aluminium is inherently rust-resistant, unlike steel. This characteristic makes aluminium formwork highly suitable for various construction environments, including those with high moisture content or exposure to harsh weather conditions. The durability of the formwork contributes to its longevity and reliability, providing a stable framework for concrete structures.

GETO Global Construction’s Expertise and Reach

As an A-share listed company, GETO Global Construction brings extensive experience and expertise to the field of aluminium formwork. Their comprehensive product range includes not only aluminium formwork systems but also self-climbing platforms and assembly PC components. Their commitment to innovation and quality has earned them a solid reputation in the industry.

With 10 production bases located in China and Malaysia, GETO Global Construction ensures a consistent and timely supply of their products. This widespread manufacturing capability enables them to meet the demands of construction projects of varying scales. Additionally, their global presence extends to over 30 countries and regions, making their products accessible to customers worldwide.

Comprehensive Aluminium Formwork System by GETO Global Construction

GETO Global Construction’s aluminium formwork system comprises a range of components that work together seamlessly to deliver outstanding results. The system includes flat-ties, hollow sections, aluminium formwork panels, and steel accessories, all carefully designed to optimize performance and efficiency.

For wall and column formworks with embedded flat-ties, GETO Global Construction provides high-quality materials such as embedded flat-ties, aluminium alloy wall panels with grooves, hookies, hollow sections, flat-tie raking shores, and pins and wedges. These components not only ensure stability and secure connections but also offer lighter accessories, allowing for easier handling and adjustments. The precise alignment and verticality control provided by the system result in straight and accurate walls, reducing the need for extensive hole filling and finishing work.

In addition, the system also includes materials for wall and column formworks with reusable flat-ties. These components, including reusable flat-ties, flat-tie sleeves, and other essential elements, offer a cost-effective alternative without compromising on quality.


GETO Global Construction’s comprehensive aluminium formwork system stands out for its lighter accessories, precision control, cost savings, and enhanced waterproofing. Contractors and developers can rely on GETO Global Construction’s expertise and their high-quality formwork system to achieve efficient and reliable concrete construction projects.

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