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As the pioneer wholesale chip distributors, Kaida Hengye is thrilled to share with you the latest news of the healthy snack industry and provide information about our newest products, including vacuum-fried vegetables, potato chips, and more. Join us as we continue to redefine the healthy snack industry.

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Kaida Hengye: Leading Wholesale Chips Distributors

Under our company, Kaida Hengye, we process and operate various French-style potato products such as French fries. We are committed to delivering high-quality snacks that meet international standards while satisfying consumer preferences for taste and healthiness.

In order to showcase our innovative products and connect with potential partners worldwide, we participate in various exhibitions around the globe. One upcoming event is FOODEX JAPAN from March 3rd-7th,2023 in Tokyo.

We also actively engage in industry associations to stay updated on the latest trends and developments. For instance, on June 16th and 18th, 2016, we participated in a conference organized by China Food Industry Association Professional Committee of Potato Food.



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The Future of Wholesale Chips Distribution

Kaida Hengye aims to revolutionize the wholesale chips distribution market by continuously introducing new flavors and healthier options. With a focus on quality control throughout our production process, we ensure that every bag of chips delivers exceptional taste while meeting nutritional requirements.

We believe that through collaboration with global partners like you, together we can shape a future where wholesome snacking is accessible to everyone. Join us in redefining the healthy snack industry and let’s create a world where deliciousness and nutrition go hand in hand.

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