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Advancing Electrophysiology: APT Medical Introduces Braidin™ Cross Transseptal Needle and Sheath for Superior Transseptal Procedures

APT Medical introduces the Braidin™ Cross Transseptal Needle and Sheath, a cutting-edge medical device that optimizes transseptal procedures in electrophysiology. With its stainless steel braided structure and innovative design features, this needle and sheath combination offers superior kink resistance, durability, and ease of use. Let’s explore the remarkable features and advantages of the Braidin™ Cross Transseptal Needle and Sheath in enhancing transseptal punctures for improved procedural outcomes.

Superior Kink Resistance and Curve Durability

The Braidin™ Cross Transseptal Sheath features a stainless steel braided structure that provides exceptional kink resistance and curve durability, even during long procedures. This advanced construction ensures smooth and reliable navigation through the septum, minimizing the risk of complications and optimizing procedural success rates. The stainless steel braid enables medical professionals to confidently perform transseptal punctures, enhancing patient safety and procedural efficiency.

Smooth Transition for Enhanced Puncture Experience

The Braidin™ Cross Transseptal Sheath and dilator combination offers a smooth transition between the two components, reducing friction during the puncture process. This design feature enhances the ease of puncture, allowing medical professionals to navigate the sheath and dilator with minimal resistance. The smooth transition ensures a streamlined transseptal puncture experience, optimizing patient comfort and procedural efficiency.

Multiple Curve Options for Clinical Flexibility

The Braidin™ Cross Transseptal Sheath provides multiple curve options to cater to different clinical needs. This flexibility allows medical professionals to choose the most suitable curve for each patient and procedural requirement.


APT Medical’s Braidin™ Cross Transseptal Needle and Sheath significantly advances electrophysiology procedures. With its stainless steel braided structure, smooth transitions, multiple curve options, and economical transseptal needle, this medical device offers medical professionals the tools they need to perform transseptal punctures confidently, precisely, and efficiently. It redefines transseptal procedures and raises the standards for electrophysiologic interventional surgical treatments.

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