How to Play Baccarat Always Win that Few People Know for Beginners

How to always win Baccarat has always been sought after by many bettors in recent times. Perhaps any player wants to earn the most money. Please spend a few minutes with New88vinet Follow today’s article to get unbeaten Baccarat betting tips.

Overview of online Baccarat products for newbies

Before learning how to always win Baccarat, everyone should learn a bit about the history and variations of this game. According to the information we have learned, the product originates precisely in Italy. However, it was not until the 19th century, when it had the opportunity to be introduced to France, that Baccarat became famous and popular in the market.

Currently casinos are offering many different versions such as Player and Banker, Macao, Chemin de fer and Baccarat Banque. Each variation has different rules and organization, so bettors need to learn carefully before experiencing betting.

Instructions for playing Baccarat from A to Z for beginners

No need to look any further, the first way to always win when playing Baccarat is to understand the rules. No matter how many tips you have, if you don’t understand the rules of the game, you will fail. Below we will provide the most accurate knowledge for everyone’s reference.

General rules

Normally, the casino will mix 8 decks of 52 cards together to run the game. Dealer will proceed to divide Player and Banker 2 cards each. The player’s task is to predict and bet on the position with the larger score.

How to calculate points

No matter how to play Baccarat to always win, new players must definitely grasp the correct scoring rules as follows:

  • Cards 2 to 9 will be scored based on the value they represent, regardless of suit.
  • Ace (A) will be counted as 1 point, regardless of suit.
  • Cards 10, J, Q, K will be counted as 0 points, regardless of suit.

Quite similar to Vietnamese 3-card scratch cards, if the total is greater than 10, the score will be calculated based on the units.

Natural win

One of the rules that makes it different from other games is natural winning. As long as the Player or Banker’s initial 2 cards range from 8 to 9 points, the game will end. The simplest way to always win Baccarat for new players is to accurately predict the hand holding this card (if any).

Third tree

The rule of drawing the third card is also completely different from the 3-card card game in Vietnam. As follows:

  • Once a natural hand appears, the game ends without having to decide by a third card.
  • In case the Player or Banker’s initial 2 cards are less than 8, the Player has the right to draw 1 more card.
  • In case the Player or Banker’s initial 2 numbers fluctuate between 6 – 7 points, no additional numbers can be drawn.

How to play Baccarat and always win based on standard card playing techniques

With the set of rules we just mentioned, surely everyone can see that this game depends on luck quite a bit. However, if you master the following card betting techniques, you will have many bases in the process of making betting choices.

Bridge 1 – 1

This is the most common form when people experience playing Baccarat online. Simply put, the result is that Banker and Player will take turns exploding each game. According to experts, this sign will last from 8 to 10 cycles.

Normally, the way to always win Baccarat for 1 – 1 bets will be to start money after the 3rd cycle. Follow the results history table carefully to choose the correct bet. This technique can be applied similarly to signs such as 2 – 2, 3 – 3,…

Loop bridge 3 times

This form often appears in stylePPBBPPBBPPBB, where P is Player and B is Banker. With the previous example, everyone can bet on their house for the next game. According to experts in this subject, the 3-time loop bridge has a very low frequency of occurrence, so its winning rate is up to 90%.

The way to play Baccarat is to always win based on the low bet

The sign to recognize this type of bridge is extremely simple, namely the Player or Banker appearing continuously in many sessions. Normally, the pattern will be accurate when 4 consecutive sessions yield the same result.

Players need to continue to deposit money until the bridge breaks, then stop. Currently, the number of online Baccarat tables is extremely large, bettors can monitor the results history table regularly to not miss this extremely easy opportunity to make money.

How to play Baccarat to always win and get the most profit

In fact, playing cards correctly and betting to win is extremely accurate. However, if you deposit money regularly with only one value, the possibility of getting a high profit is unlikely. Here are a few betting techniques to help new players make the most money when playing Baccarat.

Invest money by going with the flow

This is the first way to play Baccarat that always wins and has huge profits that we want to introduce. Imagine the difference in water flow upstream versus downstream.

If applied to Baccarat, this means that you should bet heavily when demand appears and gradually decrease when there are signs of breakage. This will ensure that the profits of the first cycles are larger.

Invest in money using the wind-driven method

Similar to the way to always win Baccarat above, imagine the fixed travel distance of the winds. When applying to this game, everyone should bet on sure bets like 3-time loop, 1-1 or flat. This secret will ensure the safety of capital, especially the certainty of profit.

Enter money using the folding method

This technique can be applied in many popular online betting sports today. Simply put, you double your bet after each losing game until you win. This way of always winning Baccarat requires bettors to possess a stable mentality and huge capital, assuming the following:

  • Game 1 bet Player $1000 => lose
  • Game 2 bet Banker $2000 => lose
  • Game 3 bet Banker $4000 => lose
  • Game 4 bet Player $8000 => lose
  • Game 5 bet Player $16,000 => lose
  • Game 6 bet Player $32,000 => win

Through this example, everyone can see that the total profit earned in game 6 is $32,000. Meanwhile, in the previous 5 games we lost a total of $31,000. This means the capital recovery problem has been solved, even with an additional $1000 profit. This is the real benefit that the folding technique brings.

You should not bet a lot on Tie at online casino systems

In fact, the way to always win Baccarat with the most stable profits is to stay away from the Tie bet. With a reward ratio of 1 to 8, many people think that their lives will change after one correct prediction. However, the probability of winning is very low, even if you bet all your capital, you may not be able to grasp the moment when the Draw window will explode.


Through the previous content, everyone has grasped how to play Baccarat and always win based on accurate card playing and betting techniques. Wishing you new players success and good luck when experiencing this popular entertainment casino game.

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