What is a Handicap? How to Read and Understand the Most Common Ratios

What is a handicap? The question that new recruits always have on their minds. This is one of the main bets found at any football match. If you want to predict accurately, you must thoroughly understand this concept with the dealer New88today.

What is a handicap?

This is the familiar name of Asian betting, Handicap. When two teams have a difference in performance, the handicap performance will help balance them, making it easier for players to predict. If your favorite team is worse than your opponent, still feel confident in betting. Because at this time, on the scale, the two teams are evenly matched.

According to what we explain, a strong team will accept a weaker opponent by a certain percentage. It could be 0.5, 0.75, 1.0 FT, etc. These numbers are researched and proposed by leading experts in this field based on the results of the analysis of the football style and the results of the two most recent teams.

The most common soccer handicaps

What is a handicap you have just explained above. Next we will introduce players to understand the most popular odds of this type of betting.

Ball odds

What is a handicap? How to understand about the ball? With this format, there will be no half-win or half-lose situations for you to overcome. If the team you choose wins, you will also be honored. Most of these bets only exist in the following matches:

  • The playing style of the two teams is similar and their playing strength is approximately the same.
  • Teams are strong but have not performed well recently, so the bookies cut their scores.

Half ball bet

Talking about what handicapping is without mentioning this form is a big mistake. Symbols representing half balls are 0.25, 1/4, 0-1.5. The following is the simplest way to read and understand.

  • If the upper bet wins the weaker team by 1 goal, the bettor who bets on the handicap team will receive the full bonus. The player who chooses the lower bet will lose.
  • If the two teams are inconclusive, the bettor who chooses the strong team will lose half the money, while the bet on the underdog will win half the money.
  • In a situation where the poor team suddenly wins the upper bet, the bet on the lower bet will win. On the contrary, players trust the handicap team according to their initial capital.

Half-left handicap bet

What is a handicap? Which ratio is most popular? can only be 0.5 FT. This form has a very simple reading and comprehension method, even beginners can understand it well.

  • If the upper bet wins the lower bet by 1 goal or more, you will receive the full bonus if you trust the handicap team. If you bet on the underdog, you will lose all your capital.
  • If the two teams are tied, the person who chooses the upper bet loses half the money and the lower bet wins ½ the bonus according to the odds.
  • The underdog wins over the overdog with any score. The person who believes in choosing the handicapped team will win all the money. The bettor who believes in the handicap will lose.

Half one handicap bet

Explaining what a handicap is is very easy to understand. So what is the half-one handicap? This form is often denoted as 0.75, ¾. If you want to know how to read and understand, read the entire content below.

  • You choose the higher odds team and they beat their opponent by 1 goal and only receive a bonus of ½ of the capital multiplied by the odds. On the contrary, the lower player loses half the money.
  • Bettors believe that the handicap team will only receive the full bonus when they are two or more goals away from the underdog. You put your faith in the handicapped team in this situation and lose your initial capital.
  • If the lower bet wins or the upper bet draws, the player who bets on the handicapped team wins the full amount. The player who bets on the upper bet loses all his capital.

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Tell you how to bet on Asian odds accurately

What is a handicap, readers already understand the meaning. So how to predict accurately? The next section will introduce tips you should know.

Consider whether the handicap rate is reasonable or not?

The numbers are suggested by the bookmaker but not sure everything is correct. You need to verify carefully. The more careful you are, the greater your accuracy will be. To know if the handicap offered by the house is correct or not, you need to analyze the following data:

  • How are the teams on the rankings?
  • Total points up to the present time.
  • What is the history of confrontation between the two teams?
  • The scoring and passing ability of both teams.
  • How is your recent performance?
  • How is the weather and grounds?

How to choose a bet

After verifying the correct ratio. The next thing you need to choose for yourself is a potential place to deposit money. Below, please refer to the expert’s suggestions.

  • The two teams have a high level but must play away from home to enter the front door. Ratio 0.5 – 1 player bet so choose the under bet.
  • When the handicap ratio is 1 but drops to 0.75 and the bonus percentage also increases, this is most likely a trap. Choose the safer lower door.
  • Asian odds increase to ¼ while European bets tend to draw so choose the home team.


What is a handicap? If you read the above article, you probably won’t have gout anymore. This is an extremely interesting type of bet. At first, players may feel confused with the ratio numbers. However, after understanding the core values, make sure the more you play, the more engaging you become.

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